New Album “Treehouse”, Reunion With Glass Hammer


John Lathim and I have just released our second CD together.  If you like folk music this will be a real treat!  Produced by Bernie Faulkner (Exile) and recorded on Music Row in Nashville, this album has a very traditional feel.  The title track, Treehouse, is one of my favorite songs John has written.  It’ll have you tapping your toes and grinning in no time!


Treehouse released November 2014

Also, I did some guest vocals on an album that was released in March, 2014, called Ode To Echo, by Glass Hammer.  For those of you familiar with my music career you’ll recognize the band Glass Hammer as being a neo-progressive rock band that I was with during the early ’90s.  I did about three albums with them before embarking on my solo career in the progressive genre, and am thrilled to be a part of this CD.  Walter Moore, another of the original members, also did a guest spot on this album.  Ode To Echo maintains the high standard that is a hallmark of Glass Hammer, and I look forward to working with these friends and colleagues again in the future.

Ode To Echo

Ode To Echo, March 2014/Arion Records